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Jiangsu Jiangcheng Metallurgy Equipments Making Co, LTD( former Yangzhou Jiangcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd), founded in 1967, is one of large-si。。。


Create a perfect quality

Man is great because of his dreams;

Money is only seductive;

The cause is cohesive;

Make every effort to achieve Jiangcheng;

Relying on Jiangcheng, realize yourself.

Product Center

Meet the expectations of the customers and create the future hand in hand



Honor Witness of the Enterprise

  • Every achievement bears witness to Jiangcheng s former glory
  • And predict the future value is brilliant;
  • Each achievement embodies the wisdom of Jiang adults
  • And professional recognition!

Russian Heavy Industry

Czech Mittal Company

The Slovak company IMET-TEC contracted the three 98 ㎡ sintering machine renov

Pratt India Project

Pratt India 1.5 * 4 M sintered truck field delivery

Ukrainian Mittal Company Bus

Ukrainian Mittal Technology Supervisor, on-site inspection of trucks

Marketing service network

Practical innovation, world class

江成冶 金设备全球合作伙伴

jiangcheng Global Partnership for Metallurgical Equipment

The products are exported to Europe, America, Asia and China


Province, city, autonomous region

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  • Company Address:Fairy town Jiangdu District Yangzhou city Jiangsu Province
  • Company fax:0514-86846338
  • Company Phone:13813163536
  • Website:http://www.jsjiangcheng.com/
  • Company Mailbox:yzjiangcheng@126.com/13813163536@126.com
  • Focus on minitype
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